Beena Local – Meet Christine

Meet the charming Christine, a local business owner who keeps Murrumbeena fresh and glamorous.

Who are you?

I’m Christine de Chalain. I work from home, I have 2 children and a lovely partner (sometimes). I’m in my 60s now, enjoying life and enjoying running my own business.

What are you doing in Murrumbeena?

I’ve lived in Murrumbeena for a while now. I’m not here full-time, I go back and forth, but my business is run in Murrumbeena.

Dead or alive, who is your ideal dinner date? 

I reckon George Clooney. Not just because of how he looks, but I think I would just like to speak to him about stuff, like his aunt, who I love in some of the old movies. His aunt was in a movie that I used to love called White Christmas with Bing Crosby.

What do you love about Murrumbeena?

The people. It’s got a community about it.

Tell us a secret! 

A friend and I, when our marriages broke up, used to dream of going to our husbands’ funerals dressed in fantastic outfits. We’d have black veils over our faces and people would think we’d be crying, but we’d be laughing.