Beena Local – Meet Noreen

Last week Murrumbeena Village introduced the new blog ‘Beena Business’, now get ready for ‘Beena Local’! Every fortnight you can meet one of the wonderful personalities that are floating around the Village.

Who are you?

Noreen Ormsby.

What are you doing in Murrumbeena?

Managing the opportunity shop on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Dead or alive, who is your ideal dinner date? 

Maybe someone local. I’ll say the manager of Bendigo Bank Murrumbeena, Sue Foley. She’s always helping us. She’s a very nice lady, and a very interesting lady, too.

What do you love about Murrumbeena?

The people. The atmosphere. Good community spirit. I’ve been living in the area for 35 years and people are very friendly.

Tell us a secret! 

I have Lean Cuisine on Friday nights because I can’t be bothered cooking!