Beena Local – Meet Phoebe

Say hello to our third Beena Local, Pheobe, who energises Murrumbeena from the Alleyway to the whole Village.

Who are you?

I’m Phoebe, local barista/style icon!

What are you doing in Murrumbeena?

I’ve lived here my whole life. I’m often making or drinking coffee, getting flowers from Jodi or rummaging through the op shop or lounging in the local park.

Dead or alive, who is your ideal dinner date? 

Jenny Slate, she is so funny. She’s amazing. She’s got a comedy show on Netflix. She has this bit about how she looked like Anne Frank when she was younger and how much she loved that about herself. Her favourite thing about herself was looking like this poor little Jewish girl. Jenny Slate would make me laugh so much if she was my dinner date.

What do you love about Murrumbeena?

I love the green spaces, all the parks. I love that it feels like a small town. Neighbourhood gossips- people come into the cafe each morning to find out what I’ve got for them. I like that I can’t go out without bumping into someone I know.

Tell us a secret! 

Erin’s the best boss ever.