Beena Local – Meet Shane

Meet our second Beena Local of 2020, Shane Frey, who can be found making and serving delicious treats at Three Little Bakers.

Who are you?

The coolest person in Murrumbeena. I’m Shane, the local baker, or the son of the local baker.

What are you doing in Murrumbeena?

Working, entertaining customers. I’m a slave to the wage!

Dead or alive, who is your ideal dinner date? 

André the Giant. He’d have to eat so much that the date would last all night.

What do you love about Murrumbeena?

The bakery, the friendly customers, putting a smile on people’s faces. 

Tell us a secret! 

I secretly enjoy talking to my sister. Also I enjoy my mum’s hugs but I would never let her know that.