Murrumbeena Community

The word community gets thrown around quite a bit these days. The word has almost become a descriptor for a place rather that the people. The word began its life as two words- ‘common’ and ‘unity’. Hmmmmm. Interesting. Common. Unity. An idea or commonality that brings us together. 

Author, Frances Moore Lappé  says  ‘Community — meaning for me “nurturing human connection” — is our survival. We humans wither outside of community. It isn’t a luxury, a nice thing; community is essential to our well being.’ From: 

Well that’s a good thing to know. If it is essential to our well being, there are heaps of ways that we can be connected into the communities within our suburb:  

These are a few existing communities to connect into:  

Our Murrumbeena Village shops- and website!,
Murrumbeena Primary School,
Sports clubs and teams,
Murrumbeena Co-op,
Murrumbeena and Murrumbeena Park Bowling Clubs,
Other kinds of clubs like Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs, Patchwork at Murrumbeena Baptist,
Playgroups and Daycare, 

What else? 

Well, to name the big blue elephant in the suburb, the Skyrail. That sure did create a coming together to oppose what was considered an injustice. The connections made during this time were significant.  

I wonder what could evolve to build other types of communities in our streets or at our local shops? Who are the people included in these listed communities? Who is being left out? What is happening locally that I can be a part of? What can I create? 

There are so many great and interesting people in this suburb! I hope that this blog can introduce you to people really making this suburb a healthier and more vibrant place – and to some thinking people have done around this concept of ‘Community’. 

My personal blog – A Murrumbeena Local attempts to capture the spirit of Murrumbeena and talk about all the cool stuff happening in this interesting suburb.