Murrumbeena Village is good for your health

Did you know that shopping locally at Murrumbeena Village is actually good for your health? Especially if you walk or ride down there – and let’s face it, at times of the day it’s certainly the best option!


Gillan Bird, who is Australia’s Ambassador to the United Nations wrote an article for The Conversation, read here

It was an article reflecting on the UN’s New Urban Agenda – a really exciting document talking about how we need to work together to create resilient and flourishing cities.

“UN member states adopted the New Urban Agenda 15 months ago to guide the implementation in cities of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

And health is central to the New Urban Agenda – health is its “pulse”, as the World Health Organisation puts it.

The agenda has a focus on social inclusion and civic engagement in city planning. Such participation can improve mental well-being and empower communities to overcome urban health inequities. This is important for all urban residents..” 

The agenda proposes compact urban development which prioritises walking and cycling over private car use. Multiple health benefits flow from more physical activity and less air pollution.

Walking and cycling can also help mitigate climate change, which is predicted to contribute to an extra 250,000 deaths between 2030 and 2050 alone. Cycling, for example, can reduce an individual’s transportation carbon footprint by 58% compared to driving a car.

With new walking and bike tracks being put in place where the railway line is now, we are going to have a number of ways to get ourselves down to Murrumbeena Village!

Another great reason for walking is that we get to see each other on the street. To be recognised and acknowledged is a small but really significant action that builds people’s sense of belonging and self. Research suggests that the impact of all of us making the effort to get to know our neighbours names and using their names to say hello- even once a week- makes a significant, positive change to people feeling safer, having better mental health outcomes and feeling part of a community.  That’s all it takes!

So that’s my challenge to you: When you’re walking around, get to know someone new in the neighbourhood (write their name down in Notes so you don’t forget it), and say “Hello!” to them when you see them. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy – you’ve just made a significant contribution to the neighbourhood and the environment. Nice Work!

Your Murrumbeena Local