Make Murrumbeena Mine Photography Competition

A facebook photography competition has been announced on Make Murrumbeena Mine! If you want to enter, join the MMM facebook group if you haven’t already, and take a photo of Murrumbeena based on the weekly theme.

This is supposed to be a bit of fun, so don’t worry about whether or not you have great technical skills. Use your exercise time to hit the streets and show off our suburb.

There will be five rounds, with each round lasting two weeks and having a different theme.

  • Round 1. Perspective. (end Oct 2)
  • Round 2. Fun (end Oct 16)
  • Round 3. Tiny Things (end Oct 30)
  • Round 4. After Dark (end Nov 13)
  • Round 5. People (end Nov 27)


There are three classes:

  • Smart phone photography. These are images produced entirely on a smart phone.
  • Children’s photography. These are images made by children aged 12 and under on any kind of camera.
  • Other photography. This is for more serious photographers and has no restrictions on equipment or technology.

Everyone in Make Murrumbeena Mine (and their children) is welcome to enter one image in one of the classes for each of the rounds.


Resident photographers Marg and Geoff Edwards will be judging. There will be a number of prizes from local businesses for the winners.

Other local businesses are welcome to donate, just contact Paul Henry or Ann Van Leerdam.


UPDATE: Entries are now closed! Thanks and good luck to everybody who participated!