Murrumbeena Village Traders Association AGM

Join us for the last traders meeting of the year on Wednesday Dec 16! This will be a very short but important meeting to project us into 2021.
We hope you can make it.


Wednesday, 16th December


7:00 – 7:30pm


Via  Zoom – from Merv Ritter

Meeting ID: 874 1937 0324

Passcode: 892796

Committee Nominations

  • Adam McKay as President
    My name is Adam McKay and I am a local trader with a photography and
    videography studio located on Neerim Road. My most applicable association
    experience has been my role with Helping Hoops (a charity running free sporting
    programs for disadvantaged children) which I founded in 2010 and stepped away from at the start of 2020. My position was Executive Director, where I was in charge of executing strategy agreed upon by the Committee of Management,
    fundraising and grant management, marketing and communications, program
    development and rollout, stakeholder engagement and more. I also held the
    position of Secretary at Helping Hoops for 10 years, which saw me charged with
    all compliance and regulatory reporting along with member engagement and
    committee tasks, such as minute taking.Although Helping Hoops is a charitable entity, it is also an association, and many
    of the skills I have honed over the past ten years are directly applicable to the
    Murrumbeena Village Traders Association (MVTA).My vision for the MVTA can be summarized in six points:
    1. Bring MVTA’s compliance responsibilities up-to-date, including the
    upcoming AGM and all reports to Consumer Affairs Victoria.
    2. Design a clear strategic direction for MVTA by which all initiatives and
    projects can operate within.
    3. Establish clear and effective communication systems with local traders to
    ensure their voices are heard and our community cohesiveness is
    4. Mobilise the Committee of Management to support local traders through
    ideation and execution of events, projects and initiatives.
    5. Help MVTA reach a financially stable position in which projects are able to
    be resourced through fundraising and the securing of grants.
    6. Establish effective systems and processes to streamline operations for
    MVTA.I believe that Murrumbeena has a wonderful community consisting of a diverse and passionate group of residents and traders. There is an excellent foundation in place already, and I would appreciate the opportunity to play a small part in
    helping the MVTA reach its full potential over the next 12 months.
  • Merv Ritter as Vice President
    Banker and Bank Manager for over 30 years including at Murrumbeena
    Self Employed Mortgage Broker over 15 years at Dingley and Murrumbeena
    Self Employed Trophy & Sporting Goods Retailer for over 20 years at Dingley and MurrumbeenaRotarian for over 30 years including president 3 times
    Caulfield Rotary Club meets at Murrumbeena Hub weekly (except during COVID restrictions)
    Treasurer St Peters Murrumbeena with Holy Nativity Hughesdale Anglican Churches
    Resident of Murrumbeena 1949-1974 & 2000-2020 
  • Brooke Grant as Ordinary Member
    I am a mother of 2. I work 4 days a week as Creative Director of FreshPict in Murrumbeena Village. I have skills in marketing, graphic design, web development and social content management. These skills are the only skills I have time to support the traders with.
    I am moving to Korumburra (1.5 hours away) so will unfortunately be less available for meetings.
  • Sue Foley as Ordinary Member
    Have served on MVTA for several years as president
    Still wishing to make a contribution to the MVTA and the local community
    Currently serving on the Murrumbeena Bowls Committee and several other committees with Rotary and the Animal Rehoming Service